Last weekend, a general curiosity crossed my mind that how do the Commercial Ad agencies conceptualize the script of a product/service for advertisement. What is their thought process? I started paying attention to every TV Commercial I saw that day. I realized that there was a pattern.

For a product, there is a User and a Buyer. In very simple terms, a User is somebody who uses a product, and a buyer is somebody who is more likely to pay for it. The TV Commercial Ads are conceptualized to target the buyers instead of the users.

You must be thinking…

Have you ever been in a situation where your default Media Player did not support the file format of the movie you downloaded?

I work at as a Developer. It was during a long weekend when I was leaving for my hometown. It was a long 10 hours journey by bus, so I downloaded a few movies to watch on the way.

As the bus left the source, I opened my laptop and connected my hard-disk where I downloaded the movies. …


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